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"I like the opportunity to inspire and help people reach their goals. There is no better feeling!"


Julius Miles

julius miles

  • Fittnett: What made you join

    Julius: The opportunity to network and converse with other talented individuals in the field.

  • Fittnett: What city do you train in?

    Julius: Atlanta, GA but I have long distance clients as well.

  • Fittnett: What inspired you to start personal training?

    Julius: The death of my father due to obesity and other health complications when I was 19.

  • Fittnett: How long have you been a trainer and how long do you plan to stay in this profession?

    Julius: I have been training now for 4 years and I plan to continue this as long as God allows.

  • Fittnett: What do you like best about training others?

    Julius: I like the opportunity to inspire and help people reach their goals. There is no better feeling!

  • Fittnett: Is there a gender you prefer training and why?

    Julius: I honestly prefer males because they are easier to deal with emotionally, however my primary clientele base are female.

  • Fittnett: Do you prefer 1 on 1 or group sessions and why?

    Julius: I prefer group training because clients are able to feed off of the positive energy of those in the group.

  • Fittnett: Do you supply a meal plan for your clients, if so then give us an example?

    Julius: Yes, I am the meal plan king! A basic meal plan is based on my clients BMR and TDE. It usually consist of 5-6 meals spreading the protein, carbs, and fats across each meal. Meal 1: 3-4 egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 grapefruit. Meal 2: Protein shake,Greek yogurt, almonds. Meal 3: 4oz Chicken breast, 4oz sweet potatoes, 1/2 cup broccoli. Meal 4: Protein shake, 1 piece of fruit. Meal 5: 4oz lean ground turkey, 1// cup jasmine rice, 5 spears of asparagus.

  • Fittnett: What do you think you need to improve as a trainer and what are you doing to change that?

    Julius: I think I need to be a little more patient as a trainer. I will do this by constantly reminding myself of where I came from.

  • Fittnett: Is there anything you want to tell Fittnett and the audience reading this?

    Julius: I want the Fittnett readings and subscribers to remember that impossible is nothing and the key to the breakthrough is consistency.

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