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Jesse Jenkins Kakooza Featured

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"Dance your way to fitness!"


Jesse Jenkins Kakooza

jesse kakooza

jesse kakooza

  • Fittnett: What made you join Fittnett.com?

    Jesse: I joined for Exposure and let people know what I do here in Uganda.

  • Fittnett: What city do you train in?

    Jesse: I am located in Kampala, Uganda.

  • Fittnett: What inspired you to start personal training?

    Jesse: My inspiration was from friends and people who have watched me dance long before I went to the United Kingdom to study dance, and many always wanted me to teach them how to dance and asked whether I did any classes. So I decided to start a Dance and Fitness class for all ages.

  • Fittnett: How long have you been a trainer and how long do you plan to stay in this profession?

    Jesse: I have been a Dance Fitness Trainer for 3 and A Half years now. Been a dancer and Choreographer most my life and I will do this for as long as my body let's me.

  • Fittnett: What do you like best about training others?

    Jesse: It's fun and fulfilling.

  • Fittnett: Is there a gender you prefer training and why?

    Jesse: Well at the moment I have mostly women who are the adults majority in my class and students and kids. Because my class class attracts them more,mainly because I mix dance and work-out in one session.

  • Fittnett: Do you prefer 1 on 1 or group sessions and why?

    Jesse: I really don't mind. I prefer both.

  • Fittnett: Do you supply a meal plan for your clients, if so then give us an example?

    Jesse: I do! Because most we of my students tell me that they find it hard to eat healthy , I just advise them to try and eat energy giving foods before they come to my class. I ask them to avoid eating too much red meat and to stick to white meat and lots of salads , drink more water.

  • Fittnett: What do you think you need to improve as a trainer and what are you doing to change that?

    Jesse: I need to encourage more men to attend my class at the moment. And make videos about my dance Fitness and workout DVD.

  • Fittnett: Is there anything you want to tell Fittnett and the audience reading this?

    Jesse: Let's Keep Doing what we Love. and Stay Healthy!

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