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I love doing what clients think is impossible and accomplishing it!


Colleen Holiday

  • Fittnett: Welcome to

    Colleen: Thank you Fittnett for featuring me on your site. It is always a pleasure to be able to help more people meet their health goals and your kindness certainly accomplishes that by being able to inspire and support all of your clients!

  • Fittnett: What made you join

    Colleen: I wanted to join a network of healthy individuals!

  • Fittnett: What city do you train in?

    Colleen: Cleveland, Ohio but I train all over the USA!

  • Fittnett: What inspired you to start personal training?

    Colleen: I had a difficult time going to gym class from day one! I was always the last one chosen for teams..the only sport I loved was weight lifting. As a female and now well over 40 I see how weight training helps your confidence and your physique. I spend most of my time only training a few clients. I love working with people who are very overweight or suffering from low self esteem. I love doing what clients think is impossible and accomplishing it. Your body says a lot about you and working out is really a form of self respect. It takes a long time to learn to enjoy it and so my talent is for making fitness fun and enjoyable as well as meeting your goals. I love what I do including teaching the nutrition portion which is a huge part of anyones success.

  • Fittnett: How long have you been a trainer and how long do you plan to stay in this profession?

    Colleen: I have been training 26 years-far before certifications but I hold the best certification you can have form the National Academy of Sports Medicine in nutrition and corrective exercise science. I also have a psychology degree which really sets me apart from other trainers. Sometimes being overweight has nothing to do with the food.

  • Fittnett: What do you like best about training others?

    Colleen: Being an underdog myself I like to be the one to step up and help others meet their goals. There is not other feeling than when a client screams out of joy that they hit their goal. I wish I had someone to help me when I started and that's why I like to be there for others. Its hard to go into a gym and try to figure out the weights. So many people ask me-well what do I do between sets? I laugh and say just stare at everyone else like they do.

  • Fittnett: Is there a gender you prefer training and why?

    Colleen: Women for sure. I have male clients and they do awesome. But there is nothing like helping a female coming out of an abusive marriage, or right afer a painful divorce. That's is my niche, I plan to work more with this sector in the future.

  • Fittnett: Do you prefer 1 on 1 or group sessions and why?

    Colleen: Both. I love groups and I have a wonderful one now that all the members just get along so great and support each other. I have contests all the time like winning a great haircut from a celebrity stylist. Sometimes I just bring Inca Tea to perk people up in the middle of winter.

  • Fittnett: Do you supply a meal plan for your clients, if so then give us an example?

    Colleen: Yes I do-But giving a meal plan for someone I didn't know their medicals for would be very difficult and pointless. I take a good time choosing programs for my clients. Most trainers sell one and just move around the protein, carbohydrate and fat grams to fit their weight. That is not what I do at all. We-the client and I, have to find something they can live with. It is a lifestyle!

  • Fittnett: What do you think you need to improve as a trainer and what are you doing to change that?

    Colleen: I need to not do as much as I do for clients. I find the ones I do the most for-do the least 100 percent of the time! The less you do as a leader the better people do any respect you more.

  • Fittnett: Is there anything you want to tell Fittnett and the audience reading this?

    Colleen: Yes, whatever your goals are and no matter how far away they seem-find someone to help you get there. Just keep grasping at straws until you find that one that pulls you out and propels you forward!

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