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I won my open class and overall now making me a professional bikini competitor in the SNBF federation!


Sonia Lewis

  • Fittnett: Welcome to

    Sonia: Thank you for the opportunity to be featured in fittnet, I would have never imagine being chosen for a fitness interview. My fitness journey began only 18 months ago, yet I'm grateful and appreciate to share my journey with others.

  • Fittnett: What made you join

    Sonia: I joined fittnet through a mutual friend at a gym I utilize which helps to reach my fitness goals.

  • Fittnett: How did you get into fitness?

    Sonia: My fitness journey began 4 months before my 30th birthday. I wasn't an athlete or played any sports. I was naturally small frame , with no muscle mass. I also dislike the gym due to the excruciating pain associated with any exercise regimen. However, as I became older my metabolism slowed down drastically and I gained at least 15 pounds. My birthday was approaching and a friend introduced me to a personal trainer whom convinced me I can achieve the results I was seeking in less than 4 months. I trusted the process and I was pleased.

  • Fittnett: When was your last competition and were you happy with the results?

    Sonia: I began competing March 2016 (NPC rope elite) and my second show was April 2016 (SNBF). I'm a fitness bikini competitor and my last show my results was shockingly impressive (I was ecstatic) . I won my open class and overall now making me a professional bikini competitor in the SNBF federation.

  • Fittnett: How do you feel before competing and how do you deal with those feelings?

    Sonia: Prior to competing, my trainer always stated I would become a competitor and I always stated naively that's not my area of expertise. Now, I'm glad I was inspired, motivated, and encouraged to compete. It is a new found hobby in which I have gained more confidence, friendships, and an exceptional mind set that the body can be ultimately transformed.

  • Fittnett: How many months do you prepare for a competition?

    Sonia: Usually many competitors prep 3 months (12 weeks out for a competition). I began prepping 6 weeks out from my first show and an additional 3 weeks for the following show (since it was back to back). My next show I will give myself at least 4-5 months to build and rest my body.

  • Fittnett: Do you meal prep and what kind of foods do you eat?

    Sonia: Yes, I meal prep and find great joy in prepping. I'm currently a pesceterian. Therefore, I only eat seafood -other food include vegetables, rice, oats, eggs, cashew butter and rice cakes (of course there are some cheats once a week to indulge). I have an allergic reaction to many fruits and meats therefore my preps aren't as appetizing as I would like.

  • Fittnett: When you're on stage do you ever forget your routine and how do you recover?

    Sonia: Funny you ask, my first show I began posing 12 weeks out. Yet, I was still nervous, anxious, jittery, and forgetful of my routine. At the end of the day most judges don't know you're routine but my recovery was holding a pose longer that usual until I remember the turn. My last show, I was Much more Conditioned, practice often and my posing was simplified making it easier to remember.

  • Fittnett: What would you tell others that want to compete?

    Sonia: I encourage everyone to compete at least once in their life. It is an amazing feeling, amazing transformation, and an amazing accomplishment that many can't say they have done. I would also say it is an expensive hobby and please please do your due diligence in terms of purchasing a suits, tanning, hotel accommodations, posing lessons, videos of different federations shows, converse with other competitors if possible and sacrifice 12 weeks Of your life to committing to your journey. Regardless of the outcome, just remember you're in competition with your progress and not others.

  • Fittnett: What are your plans for the future and what would you like to tell the audience reading this?

    Sonia: My plan for the future is to continue to compete, I love this sport and fitness has became part of my life. My next show is October and November 2016 and I'm excited to see my own transformation. I want readers to know, no matter what your fitness journey view it as a lifestyle and never be afraid to take a chance.

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