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Lee Williams

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My strength comes from seeing that I'm improving. And the only way to improve is to train. So that's what I do. I train.!


Lee Williams

  • Fittnett: Welcome to

    Lee: Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Fittnett: What made you join

    Lee: I love communities that give space for people who enjoy working the ability to express themselves as well as to learn from. A friend of mine introduced me to the site and I thought "why not try it out"?

  • Fittnett: What inspired you to start Martial Arts?

    Lee: I've been a Michael Jai White fan since I was six and have attempted to follow in his footsteps. And its honestly just felt like the right thing to pursue.

  • Fittnett: How long have you been training in this field?

    Lee: Only 9 months

  • Fittnett: What kind of workouts keeps you in shape to practice these skills?

    Lee: Boxing, calaystinlcs, parkour, gymnastics, dance, yoga, Taekwondo

  • Fittnett: How important is stretching and do you stretch daily?

    Lee: I stretch daily! For at least 30 minutes. And it is extremely important. As your body grows and changes the elasticity in your body is maintained from stretching as well as reduction to injury!

  • Fittnett: Do you train others that want to practice Martial Arts? If no, would you consider it?

    Lee: I do train people in what I currently "know" but I try to get better so as to teach more. As well as understanding more about my chosen art.

  • Fittnett: Would you say you have to be mentally strong to do Martial Arts? If yes, How do you strengthen your mentality?

    Lee:Yes, but I believe thats with anything. And its all in what you have a passion for. My strength comes from seeing that I'm improving. And the only way to improve is to train. So that's what I do. I train.

  • Fittnett: What do you think you need to improve? why?

    Lee: Everything. Since, all things are in a constant state of change all of my skills are no different.

  • Fittnett: What are your plans for the future? Any projects, ideas or thoughts?

    Lee: To make awesome films, as well as develop with other martial artists. I have quite a few projects in the works as well as fit camps I'd like to pursue.

  • Fittnett: Is there anything you want to tell Fittnett and the audience reading this?

    Lee: What ever your fitness goals are, stick to them, the way of health and fitness go into both your day to day life and even old age. Where it will serve you with a strong body. To me that's the best way to good health.

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